Videos - Chris Finch Photography

Ah, the hypocrisy...I admit to, and as you see images with my watermark throughout my galleries, I feel obliged to acknowledge my faults in this aspect.  Apparently using music from your favorite artists in photo slideshows is copyright infringement and illegal, whether you purchased the music or not.  That being said, I'm still unclear (by choice) on the specifics of using for your own personal slideshows.  However as many know, there is just something about finding the right song with the fitting lyrics to go along with your photographic memories.  These videos are not for sale, but to help inspire imagination and daydreams.  For me, they add an extra layer of emotion to the scenery.  

Ends of the Earth... Little Grand Canyon, Utah

Only A River... Big Hole River, Montana

Just Breathe... Glen Canyon, Arizona

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